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Posted by Hanna on 12:15 AM
I'm sorry to tell you all that I have quit blogging and the internet. I will leave as soon as I say my goodbyes and finish this post. I've put a lot of thought into this and I have made my decision. I will not change my mind and (...Holy fuck, my mom just told me we're going to church. NOOOOOO!!!...)

...my mom totally ruined my train of thought. Crushed the tracks and sat on the train itself until it slowly dematerializes and the people in the train fade away into oblivion. It was all a big joke. I'm only moving to Wordpress.

So much for drama. =_=



Casualites of a train wreck. How we salvage this? Where do we go to pool our collective thoughts? Leave a forwarding address. If I get lost in the shuffle. I will ride the orphan train forever until it becomes the ghost train.

You deleted PODCOD. The echos are getting louder!


podkod died and there was noone to manage it so I just kept the account and changed it to xxaler.wordpress.com

Died? I had a pulse! Adrian had a pulse. We were breathing life into the site. Are you saying we bored the place to death? OMG. XD!

Lol, Zipo. xD
I meant that Adrian said he would be too busy to update and Soph is barely online so when Adrian leaves soon, the site will be dead.

I took it down before that could have happened.

My last comment must have gone to the spam crapper. LOL If you find it, don't flush it.
Wipe it off and put it back here please. :/

Last comment here in Blogspot? I don't moderate comments. :/ Akismet must've gotten its hands on it. :P

I am going to hunt that Akismet down like the dog it is!

I said: Where is Adrian going? He never mentioned to me he was going anywhere. Was he going to just up and leave me hanging? OMG... the story of my life. )':

Well something like that. (V.')

I don't know. Something about school that's going to make him busy and all that.

Ah. Yes he is determined to be a genius. He will be one. : )

Hmm. I swore I put my name in. I think someone is out to get me. XD

It's Akismet! RUN FOR THE HILLS! :0

I shall have to go undercover. I have shades!


Has everyone gone to the moon?

Hanna D: you need to go on yahoo D: please..]':

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