A week and 3 days all in one post.

Posted by Hanna on 12:44 AM
While I was away, I just kept drafts of my days in notepad so I wouldn't have to think so hard about what had happened on the past few days. I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts and all the lot. :P

I haven't updated in days. Readers might think that this place is dead and I have completely forgotten about it. I haven't. But maybe I will stop updating again after this. I'm very busy with school. There are students in my class that seem smart and I know they'll do anything to become valedictorian. Their hardwork and dedication to waste their lives studying is funny, at the same time, challenging. Knowing that they will work thrice the amount an average student or a lazy student like me does, they have challenged me to become better. I'll be doing homework and studying for the rest of my days. I'll just be around in real life more than online for now. I want to beat their asses so hard and prove I'm better. I'm a competitive person and I am not going to let them make me look like how I look at everybody else. Stupid and far from the road to success. You could say I'm mean and boastful. I know and I honestly don't mind. :P To continue this post, I am merging 3 drafts that I have written for the past 3 days. Enjoy.

~Thursdays are terrific.

Today, my cousins and I went to school early. I had to wear our P.E. uniform which I loathe because of the huge, yellow shirt we had to wear. I strongly disliked that attire and I'm glad we only have to wear it once a week. Anyway, just as we arrived, I already felt like sitting down again. I asked my cousin if she wanted to sit down at the canteen with me. She agreed and we proceeded to check if there were any unoccupied tables. To my surprise, the canteen seemed like it was crowded with almost half the amount of students in the entire quadrangle.

I saw a handsome fellow not far from where I was standing and even though he was looking away, I knew this was the first man my heart throbed for. I told my cousin that there might be available tables at the canteen extension just at the other end of the hallway so we kept walking and passed by him and his friends. We found a table and sat there then my cousin bought a snack and we left, passing by them again but at that time, he walked to the staircase just across from where they were standing before and sat there.

While walking, my cousin said that she saw our other cousin and she pulled me towards the staircase. A really odd but lucky way to come near the guy, haha. We stopped. He saw me, and I saw him then my cousin and I ran upstairs to our other cousin and greeted her. After that, classes started and we all went to our rooms. Then we all met again at the bakery where we would always meet before walking home from school. I stopped by my cousins' house again and played with my uncle's son (cousins' half-brother) until it was late and I wanted to go home. I walked home with my cousins and we stopped at the sidewalk near my house and watched skateboarders skate back and forth and over a ramp. After that, I went straight to my house and did some internet stuff.


After seeing him at the hallway near the canteen, I expected him to be there again. I have provided a doodle of half the floor plan of the ground floor. He's at one end of the hallway (blue dot) and I'm at the other end of the other hallway (pink dot). I couldn't see him. There were so many students. I went to the canteen just to peer outside the glass windows to check if he was around. I didn't see him but I saw my cousin buying food with a former classmate of mine. I could see another former classmate standing outside the canteen so I walked to where she was and stood beside her. The walls have openings, like huge windows. I leaned on that, facing the quadrangle. I looked to see if he was around while talking to my friend but he wasn't. Just as I turned around, he exits the canteen. We were standing across each other, so close but still so far...

When my friends left, I just walked for a few seconds and saw another one of my friends (Yes, another former classmate.) so I stopped again. We greeted each other and talked. Then I leaned on one of those huge windows again. I looked to my side and I saw him there, talking to some students. He wasn't far from where I was. I walked towards the stairs and passed by them. When I reached the other hallway, I saw so many students going upstairs so I stopped and leaned again on one of those huge windows. My friend followed me with one of her friends. We talked some more and waited for all of the students to go upstairs so we could walk upstairs too. When we finally did, I looked back and saw him walking upstairs too, at the staircase at the other end of the hallway.

When it was finally dismissal time, I waited outside, not very far from school, hoping to see him before I go home. He wasn't around and I thought that maybe he had already walked home so I kept walking and saw my cousin's girlfriend. She was standing in front of the elementary building with a friend. She's nice and she has been best friends with my cousin since they met in 5th grade. I've known her for a year and they started dating just 2 months ago. I'm so happy for them. Anyways, her and our friend were waiting for my cousin so I waited with them. When she finally arrived, we stopped for a while and continued walking. I saw 2 of my former classmates and approached them. We talked for a long while and my cousins and old friends already left without me. Another former classmate came. We greeted each other and I complimented his shirt. (We're friends. I couldn't tell him he had a hot body, duh.) They walked me to the corner and I said goodbye and walked home. While walking, I spotted my cousin's girlfriend not far from where I was and walked faster to reach them.

We kept walking and crossed to the other side of the street. We stopped when they met an old friend, who was also an old friend of mine. They greeted each other and talked for a while. While they were having a little chat, I saw him with a group of friends at the other side of the street. We looked at each other and I looked away. We all kept walking and by chance, we were all walking at the same street as him and his friends. I didn't really want to look at them for some reason. I just kept on walking with my friends. We all stopped at 7-Eleven and they stopped there too. When we left, they went inside. His group of friends had 2 girls with them and I'm not sure if he's out with any of them. I shouldn't really care. I was a bit sad about it though. I felt like he was showing me a sure sign that he's taken and I should just back off.

We stopped at my cousins' place, did stuff and all went home. What a day.

After that, I recorded some things that happened this week.

~ Saw him in the morning before school started. Didn't see him after dismissal. I just had to hurry home for some reason.

~ Went to school early. Tried to look for him without actually looking. You know what I mean right? When you pass by people to check if someone's there. I mean, when you see by the side of your eyes. Anyways, we were at the canteen and when I turned, I saw him. I know it wasn't by chance that we looked straight into each other when I turned. He was just sitting there. When it was time to go home, bumped into him at the corner. We were so close... yet still, so far.

~ Storm means no school. No internet since I dropped the modem for the billionth time and now it won't work. So I'm just reading books and watching shows/movies and all the lot. I've been planning and thinking more as well. And getting more rest. Just relaxing. Nothing big.

~ End of storm so back to school. The thing I couldn't forget about today was during English class when my English teacher, who I thought was a dragon lady, was actually a nice person. I guess I forgot the fact that every person is a nice person but it only depends if you put yourself on their good side. Anyways, she was very nice today because we didn't have much to do or discuss about. She just talked about random things with the class. Later on, she walks around by the side of the column where I was. She was walking, talking and looking towards me. She said, "You know... you have a classmate that looks like a Korean." Of course, at once I knew she was talking about me. Everyone asked, "Who, ma'am?" and she says, "Your classmate here." And she points to me. Then she added, "And I like the way she speaks to me. She talks to me in English and she's very good." Which made me felt fantastic. :)

~ Watched the Italian Job. One of my favorite movies. It's excellent. I recommend you watch it. ;)

- I'm thinking about creating a new blog and leave this one and HLGS. Blogspot isn't really doing good for me. Now I can truly say that Wordpress is great and if you were to choose from Wordpress and Blogspot, I'd recommend you to choose Wordpress because I've had experience with both and trust me, I should know. ;) There are so many things you can do with Wordpress. A great feature you get from Blogspot is that you can change the name thingy for your blog. But other than that, whatever Blogspot can do, you can do it with Wordpress too. :D

- I have thought of a story and I wanted to continue writing it but today, I decided to stop for some reason. I guess I'm not the type that's so dedicated with things. How do they call it? Hmm. Ningas Kugon or something like that. You start with something but you don't finish it. I'm that type of person and I think I should do something about it.

I might make a new blog though and try to change my personality. I feel like such an awful person.



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Warning: If you are religious, do not read this. If you are religious and stubborn, go ahead.

Before I go to school, I'll leave my thoughts here so I won't have to carry such a heavy burden all the way to class. I think that I might be the only Atheist in this Catholic country. Ever since I was a young child, I have never enjoyed going to church. I like talking to "God" telephatically because there are things I know that I don't want to tell anybody else, not even the anonymous readers of this blog. I may be open at times but I have deep dark secrets no one must ever know of. Not even the author of Post Secret can convince me to mail a postcard anonymously with one of my dirty little secrets. I am not ashamed because I know there are people out there who have worse confidential information that could risk their lives and the lives of those that they love. Maybe I'm being paranoid but it's possible.

As I was saying, ever since I was a young child, I have never truly enjoyed going to church and worshipping something I believe has never existed. My parents once again forced me into going to church yesterday and again, I told them about how I don't want to go to church and I'm only going there because they are forcing me. They laughed and told me that I am obliged to go to church because I am a Catholic and again, I told them that I will not be forced to worship something just because I was born in a Catholic family with the word 'Christian Catholic' stamped onto my birth certificate. If they keep forcing me, sooner or later I am going to feel much hate and become an anti-Christ. I am quite certain that nobody would want that.

These are my real views upon Christianity. (Thanks to Jimmy for linking me to the image.) Also, I think Christianity is a practice wherein a group of Jesus-freaks read and discuss a fictional story book, much like Twilight, called 'The Bible'. They worship this dead Israelite because they think he will give them "everlasting life". Guess what? You can only live one life and if there is such a thing as being born again, you will not remember your past life. Therefore, there is no solid proof that all of this is possible. Even with Past Life Regression, this could all be just a bunch of lies and desires hidden beneath our subconscious. There are no records and this could all be a huge hoax. The gospels they dig up may just be manuscripts for a huge novel that took centuries to create. The readers may have been inspired to keep the story going. I've watched some of this in the Discovery Channel and it says that Jesus told Judas Escariot to tell the soldiers that he is the king of the jews. It only proves that Jesus planned all of this so everyone would think he is a magical being from the skies and his enormous father in Heaven will let everyone enter his kingdom and live happily ever after if they accept him by heart.

If you're an atheist, you will enjoy reading this. It's a log from the Walrus Chat.
[09:46] Hanna: fuck church.
[09:46] Steven: INORITE
[09:46] Hanna: I would rather go to school for 10 hours than stay in church for an hour.
[09:46] Mike: the bread at church tastes good
[09:46] Hanna: it does?
[09:46] Steven: Yeah
[09:46] Mike: yeah it tastes like Jesus' body
[09:47] Hanna: It tastes like cardboard boxes to me.
[09:47] Hanna: lol mike
[09:47] Steven: And so does Jesus' blood
[09:47] Mike: I might just resort to cannibalism after tasting the body of Christ.

Anyway, I honestly hate being yelled at and I can't fight back at people who love me unconditionally. Even though at times, they may not respect some of my decisions in life, I guess it would be best if I just play along, just until I am old enough to move out and very far away from my family. I would love to live my own life, by my own rules and principles. I'm pretty sure that time will give me what I have always wanted soon enough.

^- That ends here. You can read the rest. -v

Let's move onto a different subject. Something funny happened yesterday. I was very sick and becoming delirious. I wasn't having such a good time, in fact I was very moody that day. Typing what I was thinking like I usually do, I blurted out in the Walrus Chat that, "Today has been a very boring week." If you fail to find the error in that sentence, you must be as bewildered as I was at that moment. That single sentence is worthy of an epic face palm. Let us unite and give it what it deserves.


New Stuff:
* I got a tweet-rawr. I already registered for one before when I was still into HLGS but I couldn't understand how it worked so I quit. Now I made another but with the name 'xxaler'. Talk to me if you have an account. :) !!!
* My good friend, NiK, made a blog! Check it out by clicking this link.
* My good friend, Adam, asked me to make a header for his blog. Go check it out!


Strain your brain!

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"Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love."

I thought today would be another one of my average Fridays. The children are playing outside and the sun is at its highest. I sat down and looked outside, listening to the soft, sweet song of the birds and watching beautiful butterflies glide gracefully in the breeze. I didn't really question myself the moment I thought that it would be a good idea to purchase a croissant. I just finished eating so it was rather odd.

I proceeded to wearing my favorite coat and taking a stroll outside. The townspeople greeted me as I passed by them. Wanting to be courteous, I greeted them as well. The bridge overlooks a wonderful stream and from there I could see a lot of cows on my way to the bakery. When I arrived, I bought a croissant and then ordered coffee in the shoppe next door. Whilst looking for a place to sit, I bumped into this handsome gentleman. I accidentally spilled my coffee so he offered to treat me to another cup of coffee as he was about to buy one anyway. We sat at a table under a shady acacia and spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other.

Story telling. This is not a true story. It was just something I came up with while I was bored. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Also, credits to whoever took that image I used. (Click the pic to see the original. There's a link there to whoever the photographer is. Thank you.) Now it's time to strain your brain and leave a comment stating who or what you think I may be. I might be a young school girl who's found love or a french lady who just met a new friend. ;) Be sure to use your creative juices and let the ideas flow out of your head! :)


One man's stool is another midget's table!

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^_^ Kitty is pleased.

I have many friends who have astounding skills. One of them is Andrew. Andrew is a pretty amazing guy. Sometimes I tell myself that I want to be just like him but then I have second thoughts and decide that I should just grow up to be better than him. It's one tough challenge I'm willing to take. If you knew him, you would be surprised by all the things he can do. I think the only thing he can't do is fail, haha. Today, he posted some images he took in 2008. View them by clicking here. This is my favorite. He says they're shit but I don't see why. I guess if a person can do something and thinks it's shit, people who can't do it will think it's amazing. Oh well.

Sometimes I tell him that I want to assassinate him when I'm older. He doesn't know that I'm really saying he's important enough to be assassinated unlike the average people out there who are only said to be murdered. Have you ever wondered how important you have to be for people to say you were assassinated?

Most Recent Art: (I didn't change that much to be honest.)
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Other stuff: I'm trying to compose a song about high school life. Here is a line from the song: "I look to the shower head and pray for mercy. Let the cold water run down." Also, my horoscope for today (Pisces) is "Look at all those ideas running around in your head! Take time to clear some out." I get my horoscope from a certain site and they are always right. If you want, you can leave a comment stating your zodiac sign and I'll post your horoscope. ;)


Taco-flavored Ice Cream!

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It's past midnight. That means in the Philippines, it is June 12, Independence Day.

Viva La Revolucion.

Some people see life as a road with an end they must reach or a game they must play. To me, life is a vast blue sky, where the only goal is to reach the horizon. The point of my view is that there are no boundaries and that I am free to outstretch my wings and spread my happiness to those below me, knowing that I am free from the worries in life and my weary shoulders no longer need to hold the weight of the world. Freedom and independence is all I crave.

Let's continue this post with a story about my some things that happened to me today and yesterday. Yesterday was Wednesday, and every Wednesday, we have to stay at school for 10 hours because we have 4 hours of Technology and Livelihood Education every Wednesday morning, once a week. After that, regular classes start. Anyways, I left home by 8:20, 10 minutes before 8:30, the time we were supposed to be there. I planned on skipping to school merrily as I whistled a tune, picking artificial flowers growing in the cracks of each pavement and dancing what seemed to be a choreographed dance sequence with animals that jump out of nowhere and 7 creepy dwarfs. Nah, I'm kidding. :) When I got there, we had to wait for a very long time only to be informed that our teacher could not make it. I only had 6 hours of sleep and lack of sleep makes it very difficult for me to think straight. That teacher is an asshole. I could have slept for 2-4 more hours.

Let's stop there and skip to different events. It's too boring in my opinion. Yesterday some funny things happened. I was nominated by my classmate, who's name I do not know, to be president of a Science club which I never joined. I was voted by 16 of my classmates, most of which I also do not know. I lost to this nerdy guy in class (who's name I also do not know. xD) by 2 votes. I don't know if I'm popular in class because I think I'm not but I guess it's a good feeling that I am not really alone and people know that I am around. I don't hang around with any of my classmates. I eat lunch with Juniors (3rd year high school students or whatever they call it in your country.) or my friends (previous classmates).

Another funny thing that happened is that this guy who lives in the same street as my cousins came back. We used to know each other a year or two ago and he told me I was his best friend. Since I was his best friend, I considered him as one of my best friends. We held hands like how I hold all of my other best friends' hands but when he held mine, I would inflict pain on his hand. Heh. I stopped going to my cousins' street when I found out he had a crush on me. I found out that he came back when I visited a friend of mine to ask a computer-related question. I stopped going to my cousins' street again and forgot about him again. Then I started staying at my cousins' house for an hour or two after school and he was there, always trying to get my attention. He's weird. I don't like him. xP

Today, the guards closed the gates early so a lot of students were "late" including my cousins and I. We stayed at my cousins' place and did stuff. Then I fell asleep for 4 hours and went home. It was unexpected. I lack sleep. Alright then. I guess that pretty much sums up today's post. I've been having a hard time thinking lately. This post is terrible and disorganized in my opinion. I don't think it's very interesting. Blah. -_-

For those who just browse around and don't like reading tl;dr posts, here are some signatures I made for you to gaze upon. :P I'm a bit more interested in anime now and since I don't know a lot of animes, I'm starting off with Naruto. xD I have this theory that everyone undergoes a cycle wherein they like a certain thing and start to change and become interested in other certain things, in the same order as everyone else.

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So what's your daily routine?

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I don't have time for some things this week but I'm trying my best to keep up with life. It's very hard with school eating up to 7 hours of my day and sleep eating 8-10 hours of what's left of it. That's 17 hours, not to mention the time I waste getting ready for school (letting my hair dry takes a while :P). I only have 7 hours of free time left, which I can't even enjoy with my parents nagging endlessly and breathing all over my damn neck every night. So I've changed my daily routine for now, just until school ends and I can waste my time in front of the mind-numbing dimension we call "The Internet".

This used to be my routine: Wake up, Take a bath, get dressed, eat, stay online until lunch, eat lunch, stay online until dinner, eat dinner, stay online until my mom starts nagging, go to bed. I go to forums and blog at random times. Every now and then, I throw in some new things in that routine like "Go to my cousins' house to play", "Watch movies", "Go on road trips", "Go out" and so on. It wasn't much but knowing that I was free from my responsibilities felt good. It's something I only get to experience for 2 months after all.

Now I present to you all, my new routine: Wake up, take a bath, wear underwear, eat breakfast, stay online until lunch, eat lunch, stay online until cousin comes by, go to school, work for about 3 hours, recess, work for about another 3 hours, go home, play forumwarz, care for Constantine (my pet monster), blog and then go to bed.
Sometimes I do other random stuff like go to forums or read new blog posts just to show my support. That's pretty much it. But I think that's about to change once the teachers start giving us homework. Speaking of the devil's assignments (homework, lol.), our teachers already gave us our homework and I'm actually supposed to do it right now but I'm blogging, just so the readers will have something to look forward to whenever they drop by here.

Thanks to anyone who's reading because if you guys weren't visiting, I would feel a bit lonely around here.



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I thought today was going to be another one of those average Sundays. Those days when I sit bored in front of my laptop, get dragged to church then come back home to sleep only to wake up the next day to a nightmare. And by nightmare, I mean school. Haha. School is such a drag right now but I'm sure it's only because we just started. Things might be good soon and I'm sure I'll enjoy going to school soon enough. I'm having such a hard time with all of my classmates being friendly. They won't leave me alone. My seatmate talks endlessly and I can't even concentrate when I'm trying to answer tests. I want to finish as fast as possible because having work to do makes me feel tense. She's making my job harder than it already is.

Anyway, I was chatting at Dreggle like I usually do. My mom was doing chores (I don't know why she's doing it when we have maids.) with the radio on. She's the reason why I'm into music. One of the first bands I knew about was Simple Plan and Matchbox Twenty. Such wonderful bands. She would always turn the TV or the radio on so we could relax and listen to some tunes. It was back when we were little. We still do it too. I love my mom. <3

As I was going about my usual tasks, playing games and talking to friends, a song which I've never heard of before and my body sways to it's mellow rhythm. It was such a wonderful song and it made me feel good. I felt like it's as if the melodious tunes were bringing me up higher into the sky and that I was flying with no objective, no worries in life. I felt peaceful and calm even though I didn't understand what the singer was saying. The sound was all that mattered. Later on, I Googled a short line that I could remember from the song and got results. Since I wanted you all to feel the same way I did, I have posted below; the link to the song (cover), the band's information (wiki) and the lyrics (if you want to sing along). Enjoy!


Random Stuff

Posted by Hanna on 3:50 AM
This post is really random and I'm just dumping my thoughts in here. Thoughts for today, that is. It actually only has 3 things in it, if you exclude the announcements. :P It may look tl;dr but I'm sure it's worth reading. :) Enjoy!
* Neither Andrew or Steven (the internet tough guy) was on today. So there was less lulz. :'(


What started out as an everyday average random conversation soon turned out to be a Juba-spam fest. Everyone said Juba over and over uncontrollably. It managed to make Trillian crash. (I use Trillian for signing in msn/aim/irc. It's like Pidgin.) It's massive so I just dumped the logs in pastebin.com. Click this link to check it out. ;D

The fun, the bad and the funny. (: Walruses are spot on!


Check out this helmet I wanna buy.

I can't get it in real life (rare) so I'm going to get it for my baby. I adopted a monster and named it Constantine. I'm going to buy that kaiser helmet for him in the game. (: He's so cute and I love him, even though he's only virtual.

Here's a list of some clothes I want to buy at a game I'm playing. To find out what game it is, click here. If you like it, feel free to join. It's a great game in my opinion. :) The list's order is Item, price and some other stuff. :P

Bowler Hat (84) - Bowlers hats ftw.
Blue Dungarees (42) - Hillbilly kiddie. (:
Mime's Makeup (89) - I want the whole outfit. xD
Kaiser Helmet (124) - I really want this so bad. :'(
Mime's Beret (60) - Mimes rock! :D I have the mime shirt now. :)
Lovey Dovey Boxer Shorts (106) - Because boxer shorts are cool. B)
Green Shades (55) - There's also black shades and star shades which I also want to buy. :D
Halo (89) - It will go well with my Sky/Cloud-themed house. (House is still under construction.)
3Desu Glasses (144) - It's 3D Glasses but they're red and green which remind me of Celebi and Desu. xD
Body Barrel (119) - I bought a barrel man during our trip and when you pull his barrel up, he gets a wooden erection.
Technicolor Ear Warmer (98) - It will go well with the rainbow painting I bought and the rainbow stuff I'm planning to buy.

News (in order of when they were made, not who I love most. xP I love you all equally. (: <3)

*This Morning,
My friend, Celebi (or Mikey as I shall now call him. Mwahaha. No, it's not his real name. :P), made a website featuring all his other webpages. His youtube channel, Myspace page, new forum, etc. can be found at his new website. Be sure to check it out by clicking the link at my side bar entitled 'Mikeleas - The Ultimate General Chat Site'. I was first member, yay me! (: Will you be the first 100 members to join? ;)

*This Afternoon,
My awesome cyber bro, Gator, made a blog inspired by your cabbage riot-causing city girl. x] He's having a difficult time thinking of post topics but I'm sure it's just because he was sleepy at the time. I mean, hey, you'd have a hard time too if you made a blog at 2am right? ;D Anyways, you can check it out by clicking the link to his blog in my sidebar entitled 'Gator's Life Blog'.

*Just now (Nighty Night),
Another friend, the uber nice and very skilled Sad Prince (who isn't actually sad) was inspired by your intergalactic shuttle bus driver to create his very own random blog. The theme is pretty and I'm sure the posts will be very interesting so be sure to drop by at his chunk of the internet. There's a link to his blog in my sidebar entitled 'Sad Prince's Random Blog'.

Lastly, a joke I randomly thought of. To add lulz to this post.

In a forest, there were 2 moose. Now, these moose weren't just one of those ordinary moose you can easily spot around the woods. These moose were drugged! They were released from a laboratory where the government uses them as guneia pigs. So they were walking in the woods and soon enough, they got bored. They decided to talk.

First Moose: Hey buddy! Let's play a game.
Second Moose: Sure pal! What game?
First Moose: I spy! I'll start. I spy with my moosey eyes something that has leaves.
Second Moose: A tree!
First Moose: You're right. Now it's your turn.
Second Moose: I spy with my moosey eyes something that is brown.
First Moose: A tree! Now it's my---
Second Moose: Whoa, wait a second. You were wrong.
First Moose: Well, what else is here in the woods besides trees?!
Second Moose: That piece o' shit by that bush over there.
First Moose: No, that's not shit. That's chocolate.
Second Moose: What? Chocolate? I may be drugged but I'm sure that's not chocolate.
First Moose: It is and I can prove it!
Second Moose: Alright, prove it.
First Moose: We'll each taste it. Then we'll know if it's really shit or chocolate.
...The 2 moose
divided the brown thing on the earth equally in half and tasted it...
First Moose: Wow. You were right. It really is shit.
Second Moose: Yeah, it's a good thing we didn't step on it!

I hope that made you laugh. (: And I hope you enjoyed this post as well. Why not leave a comment with a funny joke or a hilarious story? x] I'm sure I, and anyone who reads this blog, would love to read it. :D


My Thoughts And Complaints

Posted by Hanna on 5:16 AM
I will just type what I'm thinking so be ready for anything.

What is this? What's wrong with me? Am I becoming retarded or something? I feel so unusual... so strange... I don't understand why, but I do. I feel like my life is crashing and that it's flashing right before my very eyes. I think my fears are taking over me again. I'm afraid that I'm not going to be successful and that I will fail in life. I'm so confused. I'm always confused. And right now, I think I'm worrying too much. Sigh.

I think my brain stopped functioning as well. Yesterday was great though. I had a wonderful flow of ideas during over 9000 rounds of INCIT which I won many times. It made me feel proud of myself. Sometimes I keep writing, drawing or typing and I think my hands have minds of their own. I mean, I think they're talking to my contacts by themselves while I'm staring blankly into space. Perhaps aliens are taking control of me with their super high-tech metal brain chips of doom!

I wonder if I've lost my mind. I don't take drugs. In fact, when I'm sick, I do the usual things I do until the disease just goes away. I don't even take medicine unless my parents or grandparents force me to. They shouldn't tell me what to do. I want to live my life and make my own rules. I want to be independent. I have the initiative to do what I must but if only they would let me.

My Complaints~
I tend to complain at times. You might find it funny, you might not. I'm not really sure. It all depends on you.

Ugh, my dinner was terrible. I had to eat that disgusting dish that I hate. They serve it every now and then, even after every time I've told them not to cook it because I don't like it at all. It tastes like water and it looks like piss! I hate it! I'm so glad I didn't have to eat it during lunch. My lunch was good. I like potatoes and cabbages. I wish they would have prepared a Taco Bellarito Johns Supreme Swine Flu Porklet Finger Chilli Grande Beef Surprise Ranch Buffalo Organic Fried Cornsyrup Funaritto Whole Wheat Wrapper Fairly Traded Coffee Breaded Gordita Crunchwrap Quesadilla with a side of Cinammon Oles, though. I would love one of those. Unfortunately, only Andrew can make those and there's no way for me to order one. If he lived in my home, I bet he would've made me one. I would be thrilled.

I was playing INCIT in Forumwarz where people had to think of a title and motivational text for an image. I think they're called Motivational posters but they seem more like Demotivational posters in my opinion. Yesterday and at some time today, I had a very good flow of ideas. I miss those moments. I used to have them often as a young child but now I rarely do. I think it's because I lack rest. The horrible part about it is that everytime we submit our ideas, if all of them are lame, I just vote for a random person or the worst entry and that person always beats me! If I didn't vote for that person, I would have won. If I didn't vote at all, I would be disqualified. If my votes were gold, I would rather give it to a specific person, rather than an anonymous submission.

Before I end this post, I'd like to ask a question. Have you ever wondered what Swine Flu looks like under a microscope? See for yourself. Credit to andrewp182. Hilarious, I know right? xD Great friend, funny guy. :)


Life + Secret Message

Posted by Hanna on 6:35 AM
Can you find the secret message in my drawing?

It hasn't been such a good week, even though it's only Wednesday. Maybe it's because of the rain but it brings in cold and strong winds, which I love. I'm confused again. I don't know why. I've been having good days but whenever I look back at all the things that have happened, I'm not satisfied. My life is empty at the moment. I don't know what can complete the pieces of my puzzle.

I'll just wait until Sunday when the week ends, and then I'll ask myself again if life is good.

Nothing special in this post, except a spoiler. I will *try* to finish this gift I've been meaning to give to a friend. I want it to be a surprise so I won't mention my friend's name. Or gender, haha. xD I drew it weeks ago and I haven't had the time to color it because I was having so much fun at the CPHQ IRC. Now I have school and all the time in the world but I still can't do it. I honestly don't need time. I need to make time for the things I want to do. Another day, another problem solved. I've answered it many times but I won't be applying it in my life until it affects me negatively, as always. Yay?

Update: My friend Adrian im'd me after reading this post. He said, "Sounds like you've had a boring week." and so that solved my little dilemma. I wasn't having a bad week. I was having a boring week. xD Also, I added a new template/theme/layout or whatever you want to call it. :P

If you found the secret message, send it in a comment. Feel free to guess what it is. No one was able to find it...yet.


Fuck My Life

Posted by Hanna on 5:40 AM
You guys probably already know about FML right? If you dont, just click the link to it in my huge blogroll right at the sidebar. That site is full of win, haha. While typing this in, I thought of making it like an FML. Also, the second paragraph is all you have to read if you think this is tl;dr.

Today, they announced a new addition to our schedule. They made the classes longer, adding 5 minutes to each. So now, each class takes 1 hour, unlike the old schedule when it only took 55 minutes for each class. We'll also be taking Science class 6 times a week. Twice on one day and once on the other four. Seriously, I wish they'd just let us take English so I won't have to listen to the teachers be their boring selves. The only reason I listen is because I don't want to be stupid. I'd much rather take Fine Arts right now than sit in my desk, doodling and trying to stay awake. YAWN.

I won't be around the interwebz on Wednesdays (or I might be if I wake up/go on early, haha.) because we have school for the whole day. They scheduled Technology and Livelihood Education for 4 hours every Wednesday, 8:30am-12:30pm. I'm in the afternoon session so after we finish that, we have a break for 10 minutes and school starts again at 12:40pm until 7pm. Torture, I know. ._. I don't want to fail school and have to do over the same damn year again and again. I want to graduate as soon as possible. All I have to do is attend each morning and I'll survive.

We won't have breaks on those 4 long hours and if you're absent on Wednesday morning or the whole Wednesday, you just missed 4 TLE classes for the whole week. We have to secretly eat in class (If the teacher doesn't allow it. We don't know yet because it's just going to start tomorrow.). If we don't eat, we'll have to wait until 3:30pm when our regular recess starts. Sad, isn't it? School just got harder. I liked the old schedule better. I guess I'll just have to live with this. That's life for ya, my friends. Sometimes it shoves you onto the ground really hard and kicks sand in your face and eyes until it bleeds so hard that you drown in your own sweat, blood and tears.

Don't quit, my dear friends. Or I shall perish and all my sacrifices shall be put to waste. But even though I'm doing this, none of you owe me anything. ^^



Crack The Code

Posted by Hanna on 6:36 PM
Today was the first day of the rest of my sophomore year. I was assigned to Section II-Orchids, Room 303 (When I read it, I read it as 3OH!3, the band. xD And 3+0+3=6! Woohoo!) but I spent my day at a different section. It was the section where 2 of my previous classmates were assigned. Section II-Sunflower, Room 216. Tomorrow I'm going to spend my day at the section where I'm supposed to be. Or not. I'm kind of confused about where I should stay. I'm so glad I didn't get caught at all. I guess I'm just special like all my aweshum friends. <3 I love you guys. :')

I'm in the afternoon session so school starts 12:40pm for me and ends in 7pm. It's pretty okay since I get to go online in the mornings when most of my bad ass friends are on. Hazza! Even if I was in the morning session, I'd still go during the afternoon session just to catch my friends online. I love them all so much. ^^ Most of my wonderful friends and fantastic cousins are in the afternoon session so we'll all be going as a huge group.

Hooray! Nothing beats a good day.
Crack this code: I go to school with Mary Janes.

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