One man's stool is another midget's table!

Posted by Hanna on 11:36 PM
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^_^ Kitty is pleased.

I have many friends who have astounding skills. One of them is Andrew. Andrew is a pretty amazing guy. Sometimes I tell myself that I want to be just like him but then I have second thoughts and decide that I should just grow up to be better than him. It's one tough challenge I'm willing to take. If you knew him, you would be surprised by all the things he can do. I think the only thing he can't do is fail, haha. Today, he posted some images he took in 2008. View them by clicking here. This is my favorite. He says they're shit but I don't see why. I guess if a person can do something and thinks it's shit, people who can't do it will think it's amazing. Oh well.

Sometimes I tell him that I want to assassinate him when I'm older. He doesn't know that I'm really saying he's important enough to be assassinated unlike the average people out there who are only said to be murdered. Have you ever wondered how important you have to be for people to say you were assassinated?

Most Recent Art: (I didn't change that much to be honest.)
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Other stuff: I'm trying to compose a song about high school life. Here is a line from the song: "I look to the shower head and pray for mercy. Let the cold water run down." Also, my horoscope for today (Pisces) is "Look at all those ideas running around in your head! Take time to clear some out." I get my horoscope from a certain site and they are always right. If you want, you can leave a comment stating your zodiac sign and I'll post your horoscope. ;)


Lol. I had no school today.
Yet another 3 day weekend.
First it was queens birthday which was on Monday.
and then there was today.
Report writing day for state schools.

Cool. I'm on a 3 day weekend too! (:

Btw, I just finished watching 'Never Been Kissed' (1999) and there was a hot actor so I googled searched images of him and there were images of gay porno. D:

I think it causes nausea because I don't feel so good. I'm going to have nightmares tonight. :'(

Also, my friend John linked me to this after I told him about that terrifying incident:

dw, it's sfw. (safe for work)

Adrian and I were talking about hairstyles and he gave me a link to Asian hairstyles. Then I found this pic there:


His hair AND face are HOT. :D

You guys are joined somewhere on the body. LOL

Lol, Zipo. x] Conjoined twins, haha. Or long lost siblings. xD

Long lost siblings is more like it.

Imagine if our ears were stuck together. Rofl.

In my world, xxaler is one of those cool palindromes. x]

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