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Posted by Hanna on 4:19 AM

"Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love."

I thought today would be another one of my average Fridays. The children are playing outside and the sun is at its highest. I sat down and looked outside, listening to the soft, sweet song of the birds and watching beautiful butterflies glide gracefully in the breeze. I didn't really question myself the moment I thought that it would be a good idea to purchase a croissant. I just finished eating so it was rather odd.

I proceeded to wearing my favorite coat and taking a stroll outside. The townspeople greeted me as I passed by them. Wanting to be courteous, I greeted them as well. The bridge overlooks a wonderful stream and from there I could see a lot of cows on my way to the bakery. When I arrived, I bought a croissant and then ordered coffee in the shoppe next door. Whilst looking for a place to sit, I bumped into this handsome gentleman. I accidentally spilled my coffee so he offered to treat me to another cup of coffee as he was about to buy one anyway. We sat at a table under a shady acacia and spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other.

Story telling. This is not a true story. It was just something I came up with while I was bored. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Also, credits to whoever took that image I used. (Click the pic to see the original. There's a link there to whoever the photographer is. Thank you.) Now it's time to strain your brain and leave a comment stating who or what you think I may be. I might be a young school girl who's found love or a french lady who just met a new friend. ;) Be sure to use your creative juices and let the ideas flow out of your head! :)


This may seem strange
This post reminds me of something that really happened to me.....
Except it was a girl instead of a guy. And there was no coffee or croissant.
Instead there was a book, a pencil and a table for two.

Sounds sweet, my long lost brother. :)

:P Indeed we are long lost.
For we were born in different families and in a different bloodline.
Out History goes back.
We live in different countries. Yes we seem... somehow connected and close.

^Distance Wise,not hubba hubba wise^

Can I be adopted?

Back later... be cool sisters and brothers.. lol

La vie est belle! =]

Zipo, I already have about 8 sons but I think I can squeeze you into the family. xD You are now officially my magical baby.

*stamps a seal of approval*

Now since Hanna is my sister.
That now makes you my Nephew doesn't it?

And that makes you Zipo's long lost uncle. xD

You presume to much. I am an entity with my own distinct existence (living or nonliving).

"If you label me you negate me."

: )

Zipo. You are one wise person.

Still, you are my magical child. :P

And I'm still your brother.
So that still technically makes Zipo my nephew. :P

Lol, Adrian. xD

I'm so bored right now. -_-

In spirit!

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