A week and 3 days all in one post.

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While I was away, I just kept drafts of my days in notepad so I wouldn't have to think so hard about what had happened on the past few days. I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts and all the lot. :P

I haven't updated in days. Readers might think that this place is dead and I have completely forgotten about it. I haven't. But maybe I will stop updating again after this. I'm very busy with school. There are students in my class that seem smart and I know they'll do anything to become valedictorian. Their hardwork and dedication to waste their lives studying is funny, at the same time, challenging. Knowing that they will work thrice the amount an average student or a lazy student like me does, they have challenged me to become better. I'll be doing homework and studying for the rest of my days. I'll just be around in real life more than online for now. I want to beat their asses so hard and prove I'm better. I'm a competitive person and I am not going to let them make me look like how I look at everybody else. Stupid and far from the road to success. You could say I'm mean and boastful. I know and I honestly don't mind. :P To continue this post, I am merging 3 drafts that I have written for the past 3 days. Enjoy.

~Thursdays are terrific.

Today, my cousins and I went to school early. I had to wear our P.E. uniform which I loathe because of the huge, yellow shirt we had to wear. I strongly disliked that attire and I'm glad we only have to wear it once a week. Anyway, just as we arrived, I already felt like sitting down again. I asked my cousin if she wanted to sit down at the canteen with me. She agreed and we proceeded to check if there were any unoccupied tables. To my surprise, the canteen seemed like it was crowded with almost half the amount of students in the entire quadrangle.

I saw a handsome fellow not far from where I was standing and even though he was looking away, I knew this was the first man my heart throbed for. I told my cousin that there might be available tables at the canteen extension just at the other end of the hallway so we kept walking and passed by him and his friends. We found a table and sat there then my cousin bought a snack and we left, passing by them again but at that time, he walked to the staircase just across from where they were standing before and sat there.

While walking, my cousin said that she saw our other cousin and she pulled me towards the staircase. A really odd but lucky way to come near the guy, haha. We stopped. He saw me, and I saw him then my cousin and I ran upstairs to our other cousin and greeted her. After that, classes started and we all went to our rooms. Then we all met again at the bakery where we would always meet before walking home from school. I stopped by my cousins' house again and played with my uncle's son (cousins' half-brother) until it was late and I wanted to go home. I walked home with my cousins and we stopped at the sidewalk near my house and watched skateboarders skate back and forth and over a ramp. After that, I went straight to my house and did some internet stuff.


After seeing him at the hallway near the canteen, I expected him to be there again. I have provided a doodle of half the floor plan of the ground floor. He's at one end of the hallway (blue dot) and I'm at the other end of the other hallway (pink dot). I couldn't see him. There were so many students. I went to the canteen just to peer outside the glass windows to check if he was around. I didn't see him but I saw my cousin buying food with a former classmate of mine. I could see another former classmate standing outside the canteen so I walked to where she was and stood beside her. The walls have openings, like huge windows. I leaned on that, facing the quadrangle. I looked to see if he was around while talking to my friend but he wasn't. Just as I turned around, he exits the canteen. We were standing across each other, so close but still so far...

When my friends left, I just walked for a few seconds and saw another one of my friends (Yes, another former classmate.) so I stopped again. We greeted each other and talked. Then I leaned on one of those huge windows again. I looked to my side and I saw him there, talking to some students. He wasn't far from where I was. I walked towards the stairs and passed by them. When I reached the other hallway, I saw so many students going upstairs so I stopped and leaned again on one of those huge windows. My friend followed me with one of her friends. We talked some more and waited for all of the students to go upstairs so we could walk upstairs too. When we finally did, I looked back and saw him walking upstairs too, at the staircase at the other end of the hallway.

When it was finally dismissal time, I waited outside, not very far from school, hoping to see him before I go home. He wasn't around and I thought that maybe he had already walked home so I kept walking and saw my cousin's girlfriend. She was standing in front of the elementary building with a friend. She's nice and she has been best friends with my cousin since they met in 5th grade. I've known her for a year and they started dating just 2 months ago. I'm so happy for them. Anyways, her and our friend were waiting for my cousin so I waited with them. When she finally arrived, we stopped for a while and continued walking. I saw 2 of my former classmates and approached them. We talked for a long while and my cousins and old friends already left without me. Another former classmate came. We greeted each other and I complimented his shirt. (We're friends. I couldn't tell him he had a hot body, duh.) They walked me to the corner and I said goodbye and walked home. While walking, I spotted my cousin's girlfriend not far from where I was and walked faster to reach them.

We kept walking and crossed to the other side of the street. We stopped when they met an old friend, who was also an old friend of mine. They greeted each other and talked for a while. While they were having a little chat, I saw him with a group of friends at the other side of the street. We looked at each other and I looked away. We all kept walking and by chance, we were all walking at the same street as him and his friends. I didn't really want to look at them for some reason. I just kept on walking with my friends. We all stopped at 7-Eleven and they stopped there too. When we left, they went inside. His group of friends had 2 girls with them and I'm not sure if he's out with any of them. I shouldn't really care. I was a bit sad about it though. I felt like he was showing me a sure sign that he's taken and I should just back off.

We stopped at my cousins' place, did stuff and all went home. What a day.

After that, I recorded some things that happened this week.

~ Saw him in the morning before school started. Didn't see him after dismissal. I just had to hurry home for some reason.

~ Went to school early. Tried to look for him without actually looking. You know what I mean right? When you pass by people to check if someone's there. I mean, when you see by the side of your eyes. Anyways, we were at the canteen and when I turned, I saw him. I know it wasn't by chance that we looked straight into each other when I turned. He was just sitting there. When it was time to go home, bumped into him at the corner. We were so close... yet still, so far.

~ Storm means no school. No internet since I dropped the modem for the billionth time and now it won't work. So I'm just reading books and watching shows/movies and all the lot. I've been planning and thinking more as well. And getting more rest. Just relaxing. Nothing big.

~ End of storm so back to school. The thing I couldn't forget about today was during English class when my English teacher, who I thought was a dragon lady, was actually a nice person. I guess I forgot the fact that every person is a nice person but it only depends if you put yourself on their good side. Anyways, she was very nice today because we didn't have much to do or discuss about. She just talked about random things with the class. Later on, she walks around by the side of the column where I was. She was walking, talking and looking towards me. She said, "You know... you have a classmate that looks like a Korean." Of course, at once I knew she was talking about me. Everyone asked, "Who, ma'am?" and she says, "Your classmate here." And she points to me. Then she added, "And I like the way she speaks to me. She talks to me in English and she's very good." Which made me felt fantastic. :)

~ Watched the Italian Job. One of my favorite movies. It's excellent. I recommend you watch it. ;)

- I'm thinking about creating a new blog and leave this one and HLGS. Blogspot isn't really doing good for me. Now I can truly say that Wordpress is great and if you were to choose from Wordpress and Blogspot, I'd recommend you to choose Wordpress because I've had experience with both and trust me, I should know. ;) There are so many things you can do with Wordpress. A great feature you get from Blogspot is that you can change the name thingy for your blog. But other than that, whatever Blogspot can do, you can do it with Wordpress too. :D

- I have thought of a story and I wanted to continue writing it but today, I decided to stop for some reason. I guess I'm not the type that's so dedicated with things. How do they call it? Hmm. Ningas Kugon or something like that. You start with something but you don't finish it. I'm that type of person and I think I should do something about it.

I might make a new blog though and try to change my personality. I feel like such an awful person.


Your an awesome person :D
If you change ur personality, i'll kill you.
Yes. I shall.
I Joke. I Joke. XD

Tee hee.
Meh .

Thanks, Holmes. :)

New website!

It may take me 3 days to read and digest this post. I like a good read though. It will keep me off the streets. : )

I can't find your new podkod site. I punched in the address. Nada.

Well I found it. I am confused. What's new huh?

It is Adrian's site.

Well no now I see it isn't Adrians blog, but this blog. Next stop...the twilight zone!!

Someone is messing with my mind!

SISSY<3 Why no MSN lately?
Great post, took me a few to read, but worth it ;)
(New post on mine BTW; 6.29,09)

I read it all Hanna, be proud. xP You sound gaga over this guy. Good luck. :P

Zipo: ding! ding! Not Adrian's blog, my good friend. I created PODKOD for bloggers to unite. Yadda yadda... I think it's in the 'About PODKOD' or something.

Kasey: <3 I was gone for another week. Life and stuff like that. Expect a comment from me in your blog the minute you read this comment.

JBD: Things have changed in the past few days. I don't even know who you're talking about anymore, haha. xD

Yah, the bell did ring for me.
I made a follow up comment to that affect. Yes I read the script on the "About" as well. I'm up to speed I think. ;d

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