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Just to make things clear, PODKOD is not my friend's blog. He just happens to post there often, for some reason. And I don't see any other active members. But it doesn't matter. I created it so that my friends who enjoyed blogging could join and post there. I thought that maybe that would get them more visitors and the readers would have a choice of author or more things to read. I thought that maybe I would save time and energy if I would go to only one destination to read the things going on in my friends' lives rather than going to individual blogs. Now I realize that going to individual blogs isn't really a difficult task which led me to making a decision as to whether I should delete PODKOD or not. And I have chosen not to. Please click here to learn more PODKOD. I created PODKOD and perhaps that would make me the owner but I would rather say that nobody owns it. Everyone is free to join, free to post and free to read the contents. Also, I do not post at PODKOD except for updates. Xxaler is my main blog and if you'd like to read about my days, you can find posts about it here. Now I'll continue this post with a story about my days, like I always have, always do and always will.

There's this guy in my class and he has an extraordinary smile. He is so charming and it looks like he was a masterpiece. He has a ravishing smile that looks like it was carved by angels. He would skip school sometimes though, which wouldn't make me describe him as angelic. He would smile at me whenever we see each other while walking home from school and it just makes me feel so nice. Whenever he smiles at me, I melt into my Mary Janes. And last Wednesday, I sat at this empty seat behind me (it was the last seat at the back) and doodled on my special notebook there. Then he moved to my seat and drew at the back of hs notebook while I sat behind him, pausing for a few moments to realize that the sweet scent I would smell was coming from him. After he moved back to his seat, I moved back to mine too after a few minutes. Then he moves the seat next to the back seat where I was and he looked at my drawings from behind. I could feel it and I looked back to see if he was there just to make sure but we were too close to each other which surprised us both and made us back off a bit from each other. Later on in Science class, I move to the back seat again and drew there. And he sits next to me. I didn't want to look at him so I just focused on drawing on my notebook and enjoying his presence. We had small talk. Very small, as I am not very talkative around people I'm not close to. Then he just watched me draw and asked to see my other notebooks and the one I drew on. The seats in front of us were vacant and the Science teacher said that, "All of you, listen! You move to different seats too much. From now on, the seat you are sitting on now is your permanent seat." Everyone cheered and I cheered as well, but only in my mind. Our teacher looks at us and says, "Both of you, move to the vacant seats in front of you." So we do as our teacher says and sit there. He goes back to his seat and for a moment I think to myself, "Maybe I was boring him. Oh well." But then he comes back after a few minutes which seemed like forever and he draws beside me. He asked to borrow the other pen I use so I let him, and we draw on. After a while, I looked to see what he was writing and it turned out to be somebody's name. "Carla". He notices me looking at it and he looked like he felt a bit awkward when I saw it so I just said, "Carla, aye? I thought Jelly was your girlfriend." and he says, "Jelly T.?" (because there are two Jelly's in our class.) and I said, "No, Jelly I." and he just chuckles and says, "Haha, Jelly is crazy."

Anyways, the best day of this week would probably be Wednesday, even though we have 10 hours of school during Wednesdays since they add 4 hours of TLE. TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) was good as I had expected. Our teacher in TLE this year was the same TLE teacher I had last year and she can start a great discussion. She has earned my respect. I like her a lot and if I could, I would tell her what I really think about her. That she is a magnificent educator and I am very much impressed. Now let's skip to Science class. During Science class, our teacher divided us into 5 groups depending on which column we belonged to in the seating arrangement. 2 groups were fighting on who would get me because I used to be part of this certain team and they wanted me their because they needed me. But the other team wanted me to so they fought for me for a while. I went with the other group for some reason. Anyways, the first team to finish the group work would get 5 points. I answered all the questions and drew the things that needed to be drawn which won us 7 points. We were the first to finish and that got us 5 extra points. We got a 12/10, haha. It would have been a 13 if I didn't doubt my answer on this certain question. My groupmates wanted to see my special notebook too, which contained my doodles for the sophomore year. They passed it around the table and my classmate asked for some of my works. She took 3 but I didn't mind even though I liked them too. I had to hide 2 of my favorites so she wouldn't get them, haha. I also smiled at my classmates and made new friends. Thanks to the guy who taught me the prizes you could win if you just learned to smile.

"...I felt that maybe I should stop going for a week just to see if I can handle it. And I indulged myself in Neil Gaiman's works just to pass the time."

This was part of what I did this week. I have been reading The Sandman. It's my favorite. They're expensive in my place though, so I only have a few issues in my possession. My father told me that there are 10 issues in total but I recently discovered that there are actually 75 issues all in all. And that the ones my father was talking about were of the Sandman Library. I have Preludes and Nocturnes, The Doll's House, Dream Country, Season of Mists, The Kindly Ones and The Wake. I've read all that I have. Preludes and Nocturnes & The Doll's House last week and the rest just today. They're excellent. Great artwork and plot. I recommend them to those of you who enjoy reading the kind of things that I do. One of my favorite illustrations were of Lucifer in Preludes and Nocturnes.
All of the styles are outstanding, actually. I envy the artists who worked on these and I would love nothing more than to draw like how they do.

That's it, I guess. I also miss the people I love. You know who you are.

Shoutouts to (in no particular order):
IATW (hai Joe, Mike and Jimmy, I miss you yo2 and Kyle)
Andrew (Are you there?)
Karpolo (HI SON :D)
and mah wifey
JBD (Happy Birthday!!!)
NiK & Gator (Update your blogs, dammit.)
Adrian & Soph (I wish more people would join PODKOD)
and Zipo (Thanks for always reading my massive posts.)


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I read it..All.
There really is nothing interesting in my life to blog about anymore.
But until school starts again it's nothing that intersting.

My school days are when things get interesting. Which is the reason I get up in the morning, so I can post about my day for the amusement of others.

If there is life after death, I envision you coming back as a stately tree. Limbs waving in the wind to all those who pass. And as the natural way of things goes, you would then be turned into writing paper. You'd be the piece of marbled parchment where the peace treaty is written or a fine piece of art is created. Or possibly, a documentation of all that a person lives through. Inking the dichotomy of life, the ordinary, extraordinary.

Continue to awaken the slumbering dreamer within us. :)

This morning, I told myself that I now like buckets. But a paper is fine, too. :P

Though I already like papers and trees. xD

Any vessel can be a resevoir for creativity, passion and excitement, “To be Shaped and to be Used!” Yes, you are indeed a vessel. (And it sounds better than a bucket. XD )

It is a quarter til 2 in the morning. Is anyone a night owl? Does anyone like to prowl? I light up when the sun goes down.

Hello, Zipo. I'm stealing all the stuff in here and jamming it into Wordpress. I'm officially moving! :D

(And you're all coming with me. :P)

You lead, I will follow.

<3 And I always read your massive posts too :P

I say the same message to you, Kasey, if your posts were massive. xD

Duh, I think I had like 2 tl;dr posts xD

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