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Warning: If you are religious, do not read this. If you are religious and stubborn, go ahead.

Before I go to school, I'll leave my thoughts here so I won't have to carry such a heavy burden all the way to class. I think that I might be the only Atheist in this Catholic country. Ever since I was a young child, I have never enjoyed going to church. I like talking to "God" telephatically because there are things I know that I don't want to tell anybody else, not even the anonymous readers of this blog. I may be open at times but I have deep dark secrets no one must ever know of. Not even the author of Post Secret can convince me to mail a postcard anonymously with one of my dirty little secrets. I am not ashamed because I know there are people out there who have worse confidential information that could risk their lives and the lives of those that they love. Maybe I'm being paranoid but it's possible.

As I was saying, ever since I was a young child, I have never truly enjoyed going to church and worshipping something I believe has never existed. My parents once again forced me into going to church yesterday and again, I told them about how I don't want to go to church and I'm only going there because they are forcing me. They laughed and told me that I am obliged to go to church because I am a Catholic and again, I told them that I will not be forced to worship something just because I was born in a Catholic family with the word 'Christian Catholic' stamped onto my birth certificate. If they keep forcing me, sooner or later I am going to feel much hate and become an anti-Christ. I am quite certain that nobody would want that.

These are my real views upon Christianity. (Thanks to Jimmy for linking me to the image.) Also, I think Christianity is a practice wherein a group of Jesus-freaks read and discuss a fictional story book, much like Twilight, called 'The Bible'. They worship this dead Israelite because they think he will give them "everlasting life". Guess what? You can only live one life and if there is such a thing as being born again, you will not remember your past life. Therefore, there is no solid proof that all of this is possible. Even with Past Life Regression, this could all be just a bunch of lies and desires hidden beneath our subconscious. There are no records and this could all be a huge hoax. The gospels they dig up may just be manuscripts for a huge novel that took centuries to create. The readers may have been inspired to keep the story going. I've watched some of this in the Discovery Channel and it says that Jesus told Judas Escariot to tell the soldiers that he is the king of the jews. It only proves that Jesus planned all of this so everyone would think he is a magical being from the skies and his enormous father in Heaven will let everyone enter his kingdom and live happily ever after if they accept him by heart.

If you're an atheist, you will enjoy reading this. It's a log from the Walrus Chat.
[09:46] Hanna: fuck church.
[09:46] Steven: INORITE
[09:46] Hanna: I would rather go to school for 10 hours than stay in church for an hour.
[09:46] Mike: the bread at church tastes good
[09:46] Hanna: it does?
[09:46] Steven: Yeah
[09:46] Mike: yeah it tastes like Jesus' body
[09:47] Hanna: It tastes like cardboard boxes to me.
[09:47] Hanna: lol mike
[09:47] Steven: And so does Jesus' blood
[09:47] Mike: I might just resort to cannibalism after tasting the body of Christ.

Anyway, I honestly hate being yelled at and I can't fight back at people who love me unconditionally. Even though at times, they may not respect some of my decisions in life, I guess it would be best if I just play along, just until I am old enough to move out and very far away from my family. I would love to live my own life, by my own rules and principles. I'm pretty sure that time will give me what I have always wanted soon enough.

^- That ends here. You can read the rest. -v

Let's move onto a different subject. Something funny happened yesterday. I was very sick and becoming delirious. I wasn't having such a good time, in fact I was very moody that day. Typing what I was thinking like I usually do, I blurted out in the Walrus Chat that, "Today has been a very boring week." If you fail to find the error in that sentence, you must be as bewildered as I was at that moment. That single sentence is worthy of an epic face palm. Let us unite and give it what it deserves.


New Stuff:
* I got a tweet-rawr. I already registered for one before when I was still into HLGS but I couldn't understand how it worked so I quit. Now I made another but with the name 'xxaler'. Talk to me if you have an account. :) !!!
* My good friend, NiK, made a blog! Check it out by clicking this link.
* My good friend, Adam, asked me to make a header for his blog. Go check it out!


The Adopted Child says:

Thank God you didn't start speaking in tongues. But then it could just be voodoo~ XD

When I follow ppl on twitter, it is just like speaking in tongues. I can't follow the multitudes. It is just gibberish. ^-^

The Adopted Child says:



The Adopted Child says:

The vid link is:

eagels of death metal-speaking in tongues


Zipo changed his name to "The Adopted Child"
I am not catholic or christian.
I don't believe in this one character "God"
But I do believe in a "God"
My God is the Buddha.

Different name for the religion,
Different name for a god,
Different practices,

Same thing. :P

OMG there is this HOT guy outside who just made my day! :D My next post will be all about his hot-ness. :3

-Hanna (Too lazy to log in/enter a name)

Well no matter how many "Gods" or how many religious doctrines.... you only have two places to go in the end.

Heaven or hell. Seems rather a short trip for the price of life. I will see on the other side. : )

Oo Hot Alert! Look but don't touch.

They say if you don't believe in anything, you won't go anywhere.

Who is "they"?

If there is a final judgment, so be it. If you are conscientious about the afterlife, even if it's just a precautionary thought, then live your life as if you are going to be judged by some higher being.

I always try not to piss off God... if indeed he is real. : )

I myself try to live a good life for you see.
Karma is ap art of buddhism.

Topics regarding religion usually end up as flame wars.

I just emailed Screenhog an idea. I hope I'm lucky enough to be chosen! :D

Not always.

Would the real Screehog please stand up. : )

Which one did you email?

I emailed the real screenhog lol. He released a way to contact him at his website.

Oops. I mean Screenhog. LOL

I saw the link on your blog roll. I went there. Very interesting!

I will look and see if he took your idea to heart.

I haven't made a post in days. Might make one on Friday. I'm sure I won't be busy.

Well Friday isn't over, but it sure is getting late. XD

Things have been heading my way recently. :)
Everything (I hope) is back on track.

Though I still like her.. my feelings for her aren't as strong as they used to be.
I'll just study hard, pass the entrance exam next year for the selectives school and within the year I'd have already be leaving my current school and away from Javiera.

Good news! Be sure and don't hit rewind!

You are moving? Is it by choice or is it mandatory to move to another school?

It's by choice....
I want to leave the school... I HAD to go to current school. Because it was the only school I had passed... D:
But Its been over a year since I took the entrance exam(s).
I am smarter and... I'm growing up..and taking life's lessons.

I leave the school. I forget about her and I never look back.

Wow, I learn more about your school system everyday. Amazing stuff! The choices you have boggles my mind!

They say to follow your heart, but how can you when it is blinded by love. Get a pair of good shades. You don't want to go blind! :wink: The only way to get over someone is to replace them. Try a dog. They are very faithful! :lol:

Oo emotes don't work here. Duh... : )

A dog Lol.
Nah. I already have a dog of my own.
I'm not following my heart.
I'm following my future career and dreams.
Does that make sence?

It makes very good sense. Yes it does. : )

Goodie then!

Hai guys.

...I dropped my modem for the billionth time and now it won't work. So I'm demanding for a new subscription thingy for a new connection.

While I don't have internet connection at home, I'll just be catching up with life and enjoying it more than I could when I was online most of my time. Anyways, I'll be back whenever.

I'll miss you guys.

Enjoy catching up with life. It can be a race sometimes. Send us a smoke signal if you need help or anything. : )

^-^ Alright then!
I shall catch up on life as well :P
Study study study!
Guitar Guitar Guitar!
And of course forget forget forget.

Well I guess the race is on.

Everyone is bailing and trying to catch up with life. Life appears to be in the lead.


Why the :L Z?
It's a good thing aint it?
After all.. she's finally going out/dating someone ^-^"
And it isn't me!! Yay!

And to show that I'm trying to forget 'bout her
I even removed and blocked her on msn ^-^"

:L is just another smiley. I was laughing at myself more or less for my comment on the race with life.

Yes, it is good that you have both feet on the ground, or in your case, in the water. : )

You're in the lead in your own race. I am your biggest fan. Can you hear me cheering you on?

Indeed I can Z-man
I'll call you Z-Man if thats fine with you.
What a wonderful day I had!

Z-man les héros créés dans la BD! Sounds like a character from a classic comic book (even if it sounds a little to gender specific).

It works. : )

Ah, life is good. Très bon

I see you are spanish?
Is it spanish?

Woah... lot's of comments Hanna. x)

Uh, yeah. It's Slusheh / J*c*b. :P

Sorry about the no updates, but I'm gonna start updating more. I SWEARZ. I don't know if you got the IMs I left you, but I'm in Israel... AGAIN. There's no wifi in the house I'm staying at... but the is an ancient Windows 1910 computer. [Which I'm using right now.]

The time difference from here is 6 hours. For example, if it was 6:00pm YOUR time, it'd be 12:00 in the afternoon MY time. Hopefully I can catch you online sometime. xP

Also, check in on my blog oftern, I'll update it often [cause I have nothing better to do this week]. xD


Oh, and I really loved your post. Like, legit. :D

R.I.P Michael Jackson.
King of Pop.
Pop Prodigy.
A Living Legend..

June 25th 2009
June 26th 2009 (Australia)
Michael Jackson died of a heart attack.... Forever he will be rememberd.

No ... it is Français.

JBD.... I believe you have your time messed up just a tad. If it is a 6 hour difference, then if it is 6PM Hanna's time, it would be 12 midnight your time in Israel. Which is 12AM.
But if you say it is 12 noon, that is a 12 hour diffence. : )

You lucky dog to be in Israel! AGAIN. =]

Yes MJ has passed over. He maybe doing the moonwalk now for real.

Yes... Strong words Z. Strong words....
He's walking on the moon...
Instead of Sunshine.

Moonwalking on the moon ^ :P
Pure awesomeness ;D

Isn't it!!?! :] Way too pure!

I was thinking of ditching this place and making another blog while I was gone. Meh. I just got settled. I don't wanna leave now. :P

I loved his dance moves. RIP.


I'll just manage two blo--three(?) blogs at once. >_>

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